President Obama Becomes a Liberal


The most shocking aftermath of the 2014 elections is not how many seats the GOP picked up, nor the failure of Democrats to pick-off easy endangered governor seats held by the GOP. The most shocking thing is that President Obama has started governing the way FoxNews and the right-wing media always screams he has been governing even though his policies has ranged from moderate to Republican-lite (Obamacare is no different than what Bob Dole and Senate Republicans offered in the 1990’s), he is now starting to governing and act like a, *gasp* LIBERAL.

President Obama has taken significant steps to the left since his party’s devastating losses in the midterm elections. The first being a major deal on climate change with China, something no one saw coming and from a President that has pretty much been absent when it comes to climate change. President Obama also issued a statement Monday, pressuring the Federal Communications Commission to adopt new net neutrality rules for the Internet.

More from The Hill on this:

“He’s at his best when his back is against the wall,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum. “Jeremiah Wright in 2008, Scott Brown’s election in 2009, after the first debate in 2012 — he comes back and tends to fight pretty hard.”

“He’s a fourth-quarter player, and he’s in the fourth quarter of his presidency,” Shrum added.

The moves are also prompting questions about whether Obama is shifting to the left in his final two years in office, or if the moves are meant to cushion the blow when he moves to the center to negotiate with a Republican-controlled Congress.


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