Meet the new Leader of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for 2016


Senator Jon Tester (D) of Montana was named the next chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Thursday, this marks the first time in awhile that a red-state Democrat will run the DSCC, the last two Democrats to chair the DSCC came from Colorado and New York. Tester will have the tough task of getting the Democratic Party back into the majority in the U.S Senate in 2016. The map is favorable to them after a terrible map saw them lose eight seats with a possible ninth seat expected to follow once the runoff election in Louisiana happens.

Tester declined Thursday to weigh in on where the best chances will be for Democrats to pick up Senate seats in 2016 but the likely targets are Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Florida and possibly Missouri. Depending on retirements the Democrats could go after Iowa and Arizona if the popular Senators from those states decide to not run and Georgia could possibly be more competitive this time. The only two seats Democrats have to worry about is Nevada and Colorado. West Virginia could become competitive but Joe Manchin is a conservative Democrat and the GOP will have to find someone even more popular than Joe which is likely impossible. The rest are in solid blue states.

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware was runner up for the job.


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