The Search for the next Ohio Democratic Party chairperson


Election night was not good for Democrats in Ohio, it is no secret. The Democratic Party was seemingly strong in Ohio and even saw their gubernatorial candidate, Ed Fitzgerald, in a tie with GOP Governor Kasich. There was also hope that Josh Mandel could be defeated after he ran an awful campaign against Senator Sherrod Brown for U.S Senate in 2012. Plus Mandel has been connected to various scandals that could still undue him. Then the Fitzgerald drivers ID story broke and everything went south for Democrats in Ohio which has a thin bench. The good news is they do have a clear leader in the state, Sherrod Brown, who will no doubt play a major role in 2016.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern not only oversaw a Republican sweep in Ohio but also lost his Ohio House seat. Redfern quickly resigned from the position and now the search for the next chairperson is on.

The Columbus Dispatch looks deeper into the search:

“So who will be the next party chairman? Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Henry Gomez offers up one possibility, “Denny Wojtanowski, a party operative and former state lawmaker who has been in the mix for months as a potential Redfern replacement.”

Chrissie Thompson from the Cincinnati Enquirer throws out a few other names, including David Pepper, who lost the attorney general’s race yesterday.”


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