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Bruce Braley, Worst Candidate of 2014

There he is, Worst Candidate of 2014!
There he is, The nightmare of a million Democrats….

The Washington Post named Cory Gardner (R) of Colorado as the best candidate in 2014. The worst candidate award goes to Democrat Bruce Braley of Iowa who lost to the midwest version of Sarah Palin and was dumb enough to be caught on tape insulting farmers….in a state that if filled with them.

Here were the finalists.

* Bruce Braley (Iowa Senate)

* Anthony Brown (Maryland governor)

* Martha Coakley (Massachusetts governor)

* Wendy Davis (Texas governor)

* Sean Eldridge (New York House)

* Ed FitzGerald (Ohio governor)

* Chris McDaniel (Mississippi Senate)

* Pat Roberts (Kansas Senate)

* Mark Udall (Colorado Senate)

* Monica Wehby (Oregon Senate)

Bruce, Roberts, Brown, Coakley and FitzGerald were all so awful that they shouldn’t even be on a list with Udall, Davis and Wehby. These were all garbage candidates and only Roberts won last Tuesday, the guy who didn’t even have internet access until September in his campaign HQ, nice going Kansas.