Governor Election News

Update on Uncalled Races

Alaska U.S Senate race:

The vote count hasn’t changed much since Election Night as we still see challenger Dan Sullivan (R) holing a lead of 8,149 votes over the incumbent Mark Begich (D). 40,000 ballots will be counted on Tuesday which will give everyone a better picture on where the race stand. If Begich falls further behind then this race is over and so is his career in the U.S Senate. Alaska Dispatch however argues that there is an additional 10,000 votes out there. Senator Begich would have to win these remaining 40,000-50,000 votes by 56% to 40%. This is ugly math for Begich but he has beat the odds before.

Alaska Governor race:

Independent Bill Walker is holing on to the lead with 3,165 votes over the incumbent Governor Sean Parnell. There are 50,000 ballots out there and Parnell will need to win them 51 to 45. Parnell math is a lot easier than Begich. There seems to be no trend here as there are a lot of Walker areas and Parnell areas that yet to be claimed so this race can go either way.

Vermont Governor race:

How do you know last Tuesday was a brutal night for Democrats? When they almost lose in Vermont! Yikes! Governor Peter Shumlin (D) appears to have won an unexpected close race for governor against challenger Scott Milne (R). Since neither won a majority of the vote, the legislature (controlled by Democrats) will pick the next governor. Milne has not conceded but Shumlin holds a plurality of the vote and it is hard to see why Milne would be picked with less votes than Shumlin in a body filled with Democrats.