Election 2016

Roy Cooper Considering a run for Governor

After an awful night in North Carolina for the Democrats last Tuesday, the 2016 election could actually leave them in a stronger position than they were in four years ago. Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) has not came out and announced his plans for 2016 but he is increasingly starting to sound like a candidate for governor and is without a doubt Democrats best candidate to unseat Governor Pat McCrory (R).

Cooper sent an email out to supporters on Wednesday declaring that he will “take on the challenges that North Carolina will face and make sure we live in a place that values a quality education, clean water and air, and good paying jobs.” Cooper has been the attorney general for North Carolina since 2001 and has won re-election with ease, in 2012 he didn’t even have a Republican opponent.

It should be noted that the now Senior Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr (R) will be up for re-election in 2016. Both of these seats will be targeted a long with the electoral votes in the upcoming presidential contest. Cooper (D) is no doubt ready to advance up to higher office after more than a decade of service. Either race he will be a strong candidate but the governor race would be an easier fight for him. Governor McCrory has approval rating of 40%, with 42% disapproving of his job. Though McCrory has a bunch of friends with deep pockets that will be able to bring Cooper approval rating down.

Democrats got another strong candidate in the soon to be former Senator Kay Hagan. Hagan could run for U.S Senate again or try to unseat the governor. Either way this is a rare southern state that finds Democrats with two strong candidates that can take on and possibly win both contest in North Carolina.