Feminist Friday! November 7th Edition!

feministfridayHappy (late) Feminist Friday everyone! Sorry for the late post! I haven’t ben feeling too well these past few days, it must be the election news (: Well I hope that everyone had a good week and is going to have a fabulous weekend! As always, if you have any comments or additional news to add, feel free to comment!!

In good news…

1. Simmons College in Massachusetts has become the third women’s college to admit transgender students! Yay Simmons!

2. There are now 100 women in Congress for the first time ever. Which is exciting, but also remember that this still means they make up less than 20% of Congress. ):

3. Oklahoma Supreme Court blocked two unconstitutional measures designed to drastically reduce abortion services in the state.

4. More black women made bids for national and statewide elected office this year than ever before.

In bad news…

1.Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights found Princeton University to be out of compliance with Title IX.

2.  Seven states, Alaska, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and North Carolina, had Senate races that were so close that if all adults convicted of felonies in those states could vote and voted for the same candidate they would likely change the outcome of the elections. Voter disenfranchisement is alive and well in the US.

3. Arnold Abbott, 90, a longtime advocate for the homeless and regular volunteer at a local soup kitchen, and two pastors were arrested for the crime of giving food to the needy in Fort Lauderdale Florida. This occurred just days after a local ordinance went into effect that outlawed the practice.

4. It turns out that the cute “This is what a feminist looks like t-shirts” that celebs and normal folks alike have been wearing were made using sweatshop labor. WTF

5. In my lovely hometown of Cincinnati, the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court voted to uphold the ban on same sex marriage, which impacts the states of Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, and Kentucky. Because of this, it makes it very likely that that SCOTUS will be made to rule on the issue.


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