2016 Presidential Race

McConnell Endorses Rand Paul for President

While Senator Mitch McConnell wouldn’t tell reporters if he would run for re-election in 2020 or talk about what his legacy would be in the U.S Senate, he did make it clear who he would back in the GOP presidential primary, none other than the junior Senator from his state, Rand Paul. It is an interesting endorsement but it has been pretty clear that both Senators don’t really care for each other. One has to assume this is Mitch’s way of saying thanks for helping him fend off challenger Alison Grimes last week. Also this might be his attempt to make peace with the Tea Party caucus which has already seen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) promise to give Mitch hell once he his Majority Leader. In order for McConnell to be successful he will need the full support of every member of his caucus.

Said McConnell: “I don’t think he’s made a final decision on that. But he’ll be able to count on me.”