LA-06: Edwin Edwards in Runoff

No one saw this one coming but then again looking how all the polls were pretty much wrong in a lot of states, there was a lot no one saw coming. The fact that a former governor that served time in prison came out on top in the 6th district says a lot about Louisiana’s political climate.

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Former Gov. Edwin Edwards, who came out on top in Tuesday’s primary in one of the state’s most conservative congressional districts, has parted ways with his 27-year-old campaign manager, Ari Krupkin.

“He’s gone on to better things,” said Edwards, 87, of his former campaign manger.

Edwards, a Democrat, faces Republican Garret Graves in a runoff on Dec. 6.

Krupkin has been replaced by Harold Taylor, the former mayor of Palmetto who Edwards described on Friday (Nov. 7) as a personal friend with whom he’s worked with in the past.

Asked if the decision to replace Krupkin was mutual, Edwards said a confidentiality agreement prohibits him from discussing the circumstances of the departure.


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