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Some Good News From the Election for Liberals

Ok…. So the election results aren’t exactly what us liberals were hoping for. As the eternal optimist that I am, I have decided to compile a list of progressive policies passed yesterday. It is nice to see that although many states voted in conservative politicians, they also chose to pursue more progressive policies.

1. Three states voted to legalize marijuana, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC. Florida also had it on the ballot, but it barely failed. They needed 60% in favor and only got 58%, so still very close and telling of the turn in ideologies.

2. San Francisco voted to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

3. Guam voted to legalize medicinal marijuana

4. Santa Fe and Bernalilo in New Mexico voted to decriminalize marijuana.

5. California voted yes on Proposition 47, the ‘Smart on Crime’ initiative, which reduces the penalties for nonviolent low level offenses.

6. New Jersey voted in favor of a bail system reform to close the economic discrepancies faced by inmates awaiting trial.

7. Washington State voted to close the loophole concerning background checks and firearms.

8. South Dakota, Alaska, Arkansas and Nebraska voted to raise the minimum wage in their states.

9. Massachusetts voted to make paid sick leave a legally required benefit for businesses with at least 11 employees.

10. North Dakota and Colorado failed to pass amendments that would define ‘Personhood’ as beginning at conception.

11. For the first time ever, there will be 100 women in Congress!!

So try to smile fellow progressives! Now that the GOP has the House and Senate, they will get the blame for all the wrongs committed in the next two years and we can regain some seats (and hopefully the presidency) in 2016! (:


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