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Midterm Spectacular : Update Post # 3

6:35 : Democrats in Colorado claiming a “holy shit” amount of votes in Denver County.
6:39 : So far, McConnell is outperforming his 2008 results.
6:44 : biggest GOP turnout Iowa in 30 years of exit polls, per prelim data #ABCVote
6:45 : meanwhile – GOP turnout at 20-year low in #KSSEN. 2/3 say Roberts away from state too much, in prelim numbers
6:54 : Georgia exits show “36 percent turnout among nonwhites. If it holds, a record high in Senate elections back to 1992.”
6:56 : McConnell running behind 2008 in Franklin, but not by nearly enough for Grimes so far.
6:58 : Grimes got 58% in Lexington, if that holds or she inches toward 60% this is huge. Louisville will easily match whatever Lexington does.
7:01 : BREAKING : Mitch McConnell wins.
7:04 : BREAKING : Mark Warner wins in Virginia.
7:08 : Boulder lines are crazy long.

No shocker, GOP wins both U.S Senate seats in South Carolina and the governor’s race.

29% in and Crist has a HUGE lead at the moment in FL-GOV