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Midterm Spectacular : Update Post # 1


4:55:At midday, Lynn Zellen, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s office, said turnout has been steady statewide but that it has been high in Louisville and in the Northern Kentucky community of Fort Thomas.

3:55: Update on Boston voting: At 24% at the start of 3 PM. That is roughly a 10% increase since noon. They gotta do better than that. Dems better hope this number increases to 40% in next few hours.

3:43: Insane high turnout in Topeka, Kansas. Nearing 2012 presidential level. This is huge for Orman and Davis.

3:31: 25% of voters to cast ballots in Georgia did not vote in 2010. Are these the new black voters? Georgia tonight could send a warning sign to GOP that it is no longer a safe red state.

3:01: At noon only 16% of voters in Boston had voted. Good low numbers for Baker & GOP who hopes to carry the governor race tonight.

12:31: Kentucky Update : Louisville trending 60% turnout, Lexington at 45% due to long ballot. Kenton County may exceed 50%.

12:18: 1.6 million already voted in Colorado. Midterm total vote in 2010 in Colorado? 1.77 million. Easily will be passed within the hour.

12:06: Connecticut Secretary of State’s office: voter turnout so far this morning almost 17% — on target for 55% total by day’s end.

10:51 AM : KENTUCKY: Huge turnout in Louisville and Lexington. In some places already 20% of all registered voters have voted before 10 AM. The stream of voters will only increase as we reach noon and once voters get off work at 4-5.

10:33 AM : In North Carolina, early voting among black voters is up 45% from the last cycle with nearly 285,000 votes cast so far.


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