Still Very Close in Michigan

Public Policy Polling is out with its final poll in Michigan that finds Governor Rick Snyder (R) barely edging out challenger Mark Schauer (D), 46% to 45%.

One has to question how much of an impact the U.S Senate race will have on this race because the Democratic candidate, Peters, is easily going to win. Can Peters coattails be long enough to drag Schauer across the finish line?

More from PPP on Michigan,

“In Michigan Rick Snyder is clinging to a 46/45 lead over Mark Schauer. Our polling in this race has been remarkably consistent since Labor Day. Snyder has led by 1 points, 2 points, 1 point, been tied, and now he leads by 1 point on our final poll. Supporters of the third party candidates and leaners prefer Schauer over Snyder by 12 points though, so in a straight head to head contest they are tied at 47. After being under water for most of the election cycle on his approval, Snyder’s final numbers come in at 46% approve and 45% disapprove, mirroring his one point lead.

Gary Peters looks to be headed for a double digit victory in the Michigan Senate race, leading Terri Lynn Land 51/38 in the full field and 54/41 head to head. Much of the coverage of this campaign has focused on Land being a poor candidate, and she is. Just 35% of voters see her favorably to 50% who have an unfavorable opinion. But Peters has proven to be a pretty strong candidate in his own right, with a +14 net favorability rating at 46/32. That’s a lot better than most Senate hopefuls in the country can boast this year.”