Young Voters are Voting Republican This Election Cycle

Harvard IOP is out with a new poll that finds 51% of young voters who say they will “definitely be voting” in November prefer a Republican-run Congress with 47% favoring Democrat control – a significant departure from IOP polling findings before the last midterm elections.

This is a terrible sign for Democrats who usually do great with young voters since younger voters tend to be pro-gay marriage, liberal on social issues and making college more affordable, three things that usually hurts the GOP when it comes to youth. This poll comes on the heels that women are supporting the GOP this election cycle also, even as Democrats drive home the fact that the Republican’s policy is completely wrong for them. These are two voting blocks Democrats can’t afford to lose this election cycle. It should be noted that young voters turnout in the mid-term always goes down from the previous Presidential election. Young voters will break for Democrats more than likely in 2016, the problem for Democrats is to get the youth fired up about change again.

The most interesting thing about the poll is the fact that conservative young voters hold more negative views about politics than liberal young voters.


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