Ballot dispute in Georgia heads to courts

The Washington Post is out with an article today which covers maybe the deciding factor of who wins the U.S Senate seat in Georgia. No it isn’t Obama, Perdue’s outsourcing comments or if Nunn can attract enough independents. The major question in Georgia is this, will all the newly registered black voters be allowed to vote on Election Day?

“With an increasingly competitive and closely-watched Senate race on the line, an Atlanta courtroom will be the focus of a key voting rights dispute Friday that could make it harder for Democrats to pick up an open U.S. Senate seat on Election Day.

At issue is the fate of approximately 40,000 registration applications submitted with the help of a new voter registration group led by the state’s Democratic House minority leader. She’s joined in her legal battle by the NAACP and other civil rights groups, who are challenging the Republican secretary of state over whether his office has adequately processed ballot applications.

Any irregularities could spoil Democratic attempts to turn out base voters and help Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn defeat her Republican opponent, David Perdue, or Democratic State Sen. Jason Carter in his bid to unseat Republican Gov. Nathan Deal. Polls show that both races remain close. If no candidate earns 50 percent on Election Day, the governor’s race faces a December runoff. A Senate runoff would be Jan. 6.”