Close in Georgia

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InsiderAdvantage is out with a new poll in Georgia that finds Michelle Nunn (D) leading David Perdue (R) in the U.S. Senate race by two points, 47% to 45%.

“Michelle Nunn is now leading among female voters and has a slight lead among independents. And Mr. Perdue now holds only a seven point lead among men. The percent of undecided voters is low in this race and unless something unusual takes place, this race would also seem to be headed for a runoff. But clearly at this point Ms. Nunn has the momentum.”

The race for governor is tied with Gov. Nathan Deal (R) and Jason Carter (D) both at 44%.

“Carter’s percent of support from white voters has dropped a bit but African Americans are now solidly supporting Carter. The most telling part of his survey is the fact that Deal and Carter are evenly splitting the important independent vote (40% each). If that holds there is little doubt that we are headed to a runoff in this race.”