Extremist Michael Savage Mocks U.S Veterans

Michael Savage often questions people's patriotism and love of America but personally doesn't mind bashing U.S Soldiers.

Michael Savage often questions people’s patriotism and love of America but personally doesn’t mind bashing U.S Soldiers.

Conservative radio host Michael Savage called veterans with PTSD a bunch of whiny, crybabies who are weak and only live for a government handout. The comments came after a Veteran called into his San Francisco based radio program and stated that a tunnel in San Francisco should be renamed after late-comedian Robin Williams, who committed suicide back in August. Savage didn’t care for the idea and once the caller told Savage that he was a veteran that was suffering from PTSD, Savage really let him have it.

After a lengthy argument, Savage hung up on the caller and proceeded to attack him. “I am so sick and tired with everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression. Everyone wants their hand held and a check, a government check. What, are you the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed?”

He then blamed America’s problems on those who “cry like a little baby” over depression: “If the whole nation is told, ‘boo-hoo-hoo, come and get a medication, come and get treatment, talk about mental illness,’ you know what you wind up with? You wind up with Obama in the White House and lawyers in every phase of the government, that’s what you wind up with. It’s a weak, sick nation. A weak, sick, broken nation.”

Savage continued that veterans with PTSD are a “bunch of losers” and recommended that they be more like Michael Savage.

“You need men like me to save the country,” he said. “You need men to stand up and say stop crying like a baby over everything.” He continued that “men are so weak and so narcissistic” that it is “no wonder ISIS can defeat our military.”

I guess for Michael Savage he only cares about veterans and the military when he can score political points, make him seem more “American” than others and when he can use it against Democrats. Assholes on both sides of the aisle should be ashamed of themselves when their comments about our Veterans are this shitty. Shame on you Mr. Savage.

If you are a veteran facing PTSD please visit this site, Make The Connection and please know the majority of Americans don’t agree with Savage and want to help.


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