BREAKING : Senator Udall Retake Lead in Colorado

Mellman Group is out with a new poll in Colorado that finds Senator Mark Udall (D) now on top of challenger Cory Gardner (R) in the race for U.S Senate, 44% to 41%.

From Mellman Group press release:

Our recently completed survey shows Senator Mark Udall with a narrow lead in the race for U.S. Senate. Udall garners 44% to 41% for Congressman Cory Gardner, with 15% undecided. Support for Udall is more intense than support for Gardner, with 39% indicating strong support for Udall and only 32% strongly supporting Gardner. The vote is tied among independents, with both candidates garnering 38% of the vote.
In a 5-way race including minor-party and independent candidates, Udall leads Gardner by a 2- point margin (39% Udall, 37% Gardner) with 5% of the vote split among the 3 other candidates.

Denver Post had Gardner up by only two points earlier in the week and another pollster, Benenson Group also found Senator Udall on top. This would be great news for Democrats if indeed the wind is behind their backs. Colorado going red almost guarantees a GOP controlled Senate.