NRSC Target Six States

When it comes to elections you can easily tell where a political party stands in their chance of winning or losing a state by focusing on where the money is following. The NRSC is shifting money away from Michigan and Kansas and now committing the last three weeks to spending big in Georgia, Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Dakota. All but Georgia are held currently by Democrats.

The most interesting thing to note is New Hampshire which isn’t very close compared to Alaska, Colorado and Iowa. Why the picked New Hampshire over North Carolina is very puzzling because they are a lot closer to winning in North Carolina, a state that Mitt Romney won in 2012. Also spending in South Dakota pretty much confirms that the Republicans now admit that they are in trouble in the state and Mike Rounds campaign is close to imploding.

Notably absent from this list is Arkansas and Louisiana, two other states that represent great pickups for the GOP. Also the NRSC is not investing money in Kentucky which pretty much suggest that the NRSC believes Mitch McConnell has enough outside dark money to win the state.


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