Joni Ernst Leads by a Point

Des Moines Register is out with a new poll in Iowa for the U.S Senate race that finds that Joni Ernst (R) once huge lead that was nearing double-digits just a few weeks ago is now ahead by just one point over Bruce Braley (D), 47% to 46%.

Des Moines Register has something both sides will stay up thinking about. “The Democrats’ aggressive early voting push is aiding Braley, an eight-year congressman from Waterloo. They’re rounding up ballots from Iowans who would not otherwise have voted.”

Also “Likely voters find more of Braley’s policy positions closer to their own views than Ernst’s positions among 10 issues tested. A majority of likely voters favor six of Braley’s stances to four of Ernst’s.”

This is a crazy close race but just like in Georgia, momentum seems to be with the Democrats at this point. Ernst extreme views has been played up by the Braley campaign and it seems to have been very effective in bringing back democrats and independents back into his fold. Anything can happen and a scandal or major misstep is likely the only reason why the winner likely won’t be ahead by no more than 2%….unless all the polling has been horribly wrong, which could be possible (see Harry Reid victory in Nevada in 2010)


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