SEN-SD : Pressler Drops Hint About Who He’ll Caucus With

The Hill has a new interview out with Larry Pressler, the independent candidate in the race for U.S Senate in South Dakota. Pressler (I) is just barely behind Mike Rounds (R) and ahead of Weiland (D). In the interview Pressler doesn’t state who he’ll caucus with in the U.S Senate if he is elected next month but he goes on to note that he will be a “friend of Obama.” He also stated that he voted for President Obama in 2008 and in 2012.

While Pressler is ahead the race might look very different in two weeks since the news came out yesterday that a $2 million investment from the DSCC and outside PACs being made on Weiland’s behalf will likely shake up the race. Pressler has very little money and almost no outside financial support, unlike Orman (I) in Kansas.