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Politics On The Fly ~ October 9, 2014

Good Afternoon Everybody! Congrats to the San Francisco Giants for moving on to the NLCS.

Arkansas Governor race: Opinion Research Associates (conducted for the Arkansas Democratic Party): Mike Ross (D) 45%, Asa Hutchinson (R) 41%

If Democrats can indeed jump ahead in Arkansas it sets up the real possibility that Democrats might be able to hold all governorships currently held by team blue. The endangered seats Democrats hold are Illinois, Maryland, Arkansas and Massachusetts. Illinois has since trended away from the GOP, Maryland never had the GOP candidate ahead but was down by just a few points until polls released this week and Massachusetts looks like they are trending back to being blue like always.

Connecticut Governor race: Quinnipiac: Governor Dan Malloy (D) 43%, Tom Foley (R) 43% (September Results: Foley 46-40).

This is a rematch from 2010 which had Malloy win in a close one. Foley had been ahead for quite some time and now most polls show him behind. At this point this poll is good news for Foley in a race that is quickly trending away from him once again.

Georgia Governor race: SurveyUSA: Governor Nathan Deal (R) 46%, Jason Carter (D) 44% (September results: Carter 45-44)

A close race but the GOP still has to be favored to hold the seat. The U.S Senate seat is probably more of a problem at this point than the governor race for the GOP to hold.

U.S Senate Polls

SEN-NC: Suffolk: Hagan (D) 47%, Tillis (R) 45%
SEN-NC: Rasmussen: Kay Hagan (D) 46, Thom Tillis (R) 44
SEN-MI: Wenzel (R): Gary Peters (D) 47%, Terri Lynn Land (R) 44%
SEN-MA: MassINC: Ed Markey (D) 56%, Bill Hurr (R) 30%


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