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Politics On The Fly ~ October 6, 2014

Good Afternoon Everybody!!!! 29 days until election day, register NOW if you haven’t already before it is too late.

Supreme Court of the United States: SCOTUS decided to punt on the issue of gay marriage, proving that Congress isn’t the only useless body in Washington D.C that is too afraid to make bold moves.Then again this might be good news for liberal and gay rights activist who would be looking for a favorable ruling from a conservative court and a “moderate” in Kennedy that always leave the left upset in one form or another.

This leaves the issue unresolved nationwide and seven appeals in five states are in courts at the moment. SCOTUS gave no reason why it wouldn’t be getting involved in an issue that it was involved in just two years ago. The good news for gay rights activist is that Utah now has to allow gay marriages to go through now that SCOTUS has declined.

Bloomberg Politics: The site is out with an interesting article that looks at exactly how many people will decide the U.S Senate. “The number of people who’ll decide this election will likely be smaller than the population of Florida”.

Georgia U.S Senate race: This could be a huge opportunity for Democrats or it could be easily forgotten in a week. Back in 2005, in the wake of his short stint as the CEO of Pillowtex, Republican candidate for the U.S Senate David Perdue said in a deposition that, “Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that.” What is “that” you might ask? That, that is OUTSOURCING jobs overseas.

Michelle Nunn (D) and her allies have already been working hard to portray Perdue as a heartless capitalist that got rich off of other people’s misery.This easily will be featured in a ad that will go out as quick as they can cut it. The only question is how big will this be in Georgia? Nunn needs something powerful to hit Perdue with because if the race remains the same he will likely coast to a 2-5 point victory.

Iowa U.S Senate race: GOP U.S Senate candidate Ernst (R) on the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare:

The question was: “Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?” Ernst answered that question as “yes.”

Iowa not only voted for Obama twice, but polls has showed the program to be successful and popular in the state.

Georgia U.S Senate race: We go back to the Peach State for two new polls.

InsiderAdvantage: David Perdue (R): 47, Michelle Nunn (D): 43 (Sept.: 50-40 Perdue).

Rasmussen: Perdue: 46, Nunn: 42 (Sept.: 46-41 Perdue).

Rasmussen finds Nunn with a slight bump in the polls while InsiderAdvantage has Nunn moving up by a wider margin. Democrats and Nunn have both done a great job keeping this race competitive while other southern Democrats struggle.

GOV-MA: Republican Charlie Baker leading Democrat Martha Coakley 39-36 via SocialSphere polling. An insane amount of voters are undecided, 21%. While Democrats being behind in the liberal state of Massachusetts is never good, it is hard to imagine that 21% of the voting block being undecided is good news for Charlie Baker, he has full support of Republicans while Martha still is fighting to get Democrats on board. If Democrats show up they will likely break for Coakley but she is very unpopular so anything can happen in the final 29 days.

Various Polls for Governor races:

Georgia – InsiderAdvantage: Nathan Deal (R-inc): 44, Jason Carter (D): 43
Kansas – Fort Hays State University.: Paul Davis (D): 39, Sam Brownback (R-inc): 37, Keen Umbehr (Lib): 9.
Gravis Marketing (R): Davis 48: Brownback: 40.
New Mexico – Gravis Marketing (R): Susana Martinez (R-inc): 48, Gary King (D): 44.
Pennsylvania – Robert Morris Univ.: Tom Wolf (D): 57, Tom Corbett (R-inc): 34 (Aug.: 56-25 Wolf).

Georgia is still neck and neck, no change here and this race will likely go on for awhile on election night before a winner is declared. Kansas has two polls, one that finds Brownback down by just two and the other by eight. I would place Davis lead somewhere in between those two. Pennsylvania is no shocker, Tom Corbett is a dead man governing right now. New Mexico however is getting interesting, this could be a race after all.

Ballot Measures: Only 148 measures will go before voters, the fewest since 1986 and a huge decline from a peak of 226 in 2006.


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