New Polls in Kansas & North Carolina

NBC News/Marist is out with a new poll in Kansas which finds Greg Orman (I) leading Senator Pat Roberts (R) by 10 points in the race for U.S Senate, 48% to 38%. It would seem the GOP took over the Roberts campaign a little too late. This race looks increasingly over for Pat Roberts. GOP supporters could come home for him but the problem is he already is winning that vote, it is the independents and democrats he losing badly and Orman shaving off a good amount of pissed off GOP voters doesn’t help Roberts re-election efforts either.

NBC/Marist is also out with another poll which finds in the race for U.S Senate in North Carolina, Senator Kay Hagan (D) is leading against challenger Thom Tillis (R), 44% to 40%. Senator Kay Hagan continues to hold an edge in a southern state while other southern democrats find themselves behind. Hagan is likely benefiting from the GOP being very unpopular in the state.