You Won’t Believe What the Roberts Campaign Didn’t Have

The Washington Examiner is out with a great piece on the ground game taking place in the Kansas U.S Senate race which has turned from a sleeper to the most interesting race in the nation in a little less than 60 days. We reported two weeks ago that the national GOP came to the rescue of Senator Pat Roberts awful re-election campaign. What the GOP operatives found is just shocking:

When Roberts’ new team took over his foundering campaign three weeks ago, they discovered an operation that hadn’t ordered any yard signs and a headquarters that didn’t have a computer printer or its own Internet service.

No yard signs is clear indication of a lazy and sloppy ran campaign, if you can’t get simple things like yard signs correct no wonder the staff had to be replaced. The real nugget is the fact that the campaign didn’t have its own “internet service”. Does that mean they were leeching off a nearby WIFI that wasn’t internet protected or did the Roberts campaign in 2014 seriously have no access to the internet?


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