Politics On The Fly

Politics On The Fly ~ October 2, 2014

Good Evening Everybody!!!!

Georgia: This is interesting. Former Senator Sam Nunn (D-Georgia) told reporters that his daughter, U.S Senate candidate Michelle Nunn (D), was urged by U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) not to run for U.S Senate. Sam Nunn states that apparently Harry Reid had his eye on another candidate and Michelle Nunn (D) won’t feel obligated in supporting Reid if she is elected.

Michelle Nunn is a stellar candidate and I can’t imagine who the other candidate could be. This could simply be a stunt to make Georgia voters know that she won’t a safe vote in Reid’s pocket or he really could of had another candidate in mind. This might get interesting if Nunn is indeed elected in November and Democrats have a majority. However there is little doubt the majority leader will be Harry Reid if Democrats keep control of the U.S Senate.

Mississippi: Travis Childers (D), the Democratic nominee for U.S Senate just signed an anti-amnesty pledge a conservative organization is pushing in a bid to win over some of Chris McDaniel (R) voters that are still not happy with Thad Cochran (R). An interesting move but likely Cochran will easily win this by about twenty points.

Kansas: The courts ruled yesterday that Democrats need not appoint another candidate in the U.S Senate race. Current Orman is leading Senator Roberts in the U.S Senate race.

House: Roll Call and other websites that are predicting U.S House race now predicts that House Republicans will expand their majority. This news comes as Congress approval rating is at record lows and the House is less effective than the Senate when it comes to passing and providing useful legislation.

3Q Fundraising:

SEN-IA: Bruce Braley (D) $2.8 million raised; Joni Ernst (R) $4.5 million raised.
GOV-MA: Martha Coakley (D) $334,000 raised, $243,000 spent, $266,000 on hand; Charlie Baker (R) $1 million raised, $1.2 million spent, $1.5 million on hand.

Kentucky: A new Mellman Group poll for Democratic candidate Alison Grimes has her leading GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell 42-40, with just 3 percent going to Libertarian David Paterson. A lot of undecided so we’ll have to wait for another poll to see if Grimes is making a comeback in this race for U.S Senate against Mitch McConnell.

Since June, 15 of the 12 polls released have shown McConnell ahead and one had a tie. Mellman’s been right before when everyone else has been wrong, just look at how great they did in the 2010 Nevada race when they called Harry Reid re-election when everyone else had him dead in the water.