SEN-LA: Cassidy Barely Ahead

A new poll by PPP in Louisiana finds that challenger Bill Cassidy (R) has a narrow lead over Senator Mary Landrieu (D) in a possible December runoff, 48% to 45%. PPP had them tied in the last poll. 89% of voters who stated they will vote on election day also said that they would vote in a December runoff.

“Neither candidate is very popular with voters. 37% of voters have a favorable opinion of Cassidy to 41% with an unfavorable opinion, numbers that while poor are actually slightly improved from a -8 net favorability rating on the previous poll at 28/36. Landrieu’s approval numbers are worse though- 42% give her good marks to 52% who disapprove. Those numbers are identical to what they were in late June.”

“Cassidy leads Landrieu in the runoff based on two key things: he leads with independents at 46/37, and he is also winning over 18% of Democrats compared to the 13% of Republicans Landrieu is getting. This race features about as large of a racial divide as we ever see- Cassidy is up 68/24 with white voters, while Landrieu leads 89/7 with African Americans.”

The Governor of the state, Bobby Jindal, has an approval rating of 34%, which easily qualifies him as one of the most unpopular governors in America.


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