Louisianans Identify Themeselves as Democrats

A new poll out by Gallup is likely to be greeted well by the Landrieu for U.S Senate campaign. The poll finds that Louisianans identify themselves or lean toward the Democratic Party, 45%, than the Republican Party, 41%. This is a shift from the past few years where the Republicans have had the edge in voters identification polls.

It should be noted that when Mary Landrieu last won re-election back in 2008, Democrats held a 10% advantage over the Republicans when it came to voter ID in the state. Landrieu is the highest ranking Democratic official in the state as the other U.S Senate seat, Governorship and all but one House seat is all controlled by the Republican Party.

This is good news for Democrats trying to get Mary Landrieu re-elected for a fourth term in the U.S Senate. This news however will not change things on the presidential level, Louisiana will easily go for the GOP nominee on election night in 2016.


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