No Ruling in Kansas U.S Senate Dispute

The crazy drama in Kansas is continuing as a three-judge panel didn’t decide Monday on whether Kansas Democrats should be forced to find a replacement for former candidate Chad Taylor (D). Chad Taylor has already been cleared by the Kansas Supreme Court and his name is off the ballot and ballots in Kansas are already being printed and has been mailed out already to voters that are outside the country.

The court challenge seeking to force Democrats to pick a new candidate to fill the vacancy went to a stand still today when the man who filled the suit didn’t show up for his day in court.

Things just keep getting more interesting in Kansas. If Kansas Democrats do have to pick a replacement it is likely already too late as they can take their time picking the nominee and could nominate someone who is hated by Democrats and wouldn’t achieve many votes. Though likely everyone in Kansas knows that the Democrat is off the ballot, the GOP at this point is trying everything it can to save Senator Roberts.