SEN-KS: No Democrat On Ballot

After Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach (R) tried to keep Chad Taylor (D) on the ballot even though legally Taylor did everything he needed to do in order to get off the ballot. The move by Kobach (R) was purely political and an attempt to save Senator Pat Roberts (R) from an even tighter election battle. Chad Taylor wasn’t a strong candidate, the Democrat had less than $2,000 in his campaign war chest and had he not dropped out Pat Roberts (R) more than likely would of won in November because the ant-Roberts vote would of been split between Taylor and Orman. Now Democrats can rally

Earlier this week the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Taylor was allowed off the ballot which was a huge blow to the GOP. Kris Kobach wasn’t finished trying to save Pat Roberts butt though, he gave the Kansas Democratic Party 8 days to come up with another candidate to replace Chad Taylor. Chairwoman of the party, Joan Wagon, made it clear that she was not going to do such a thing. Instead of this going to the Kansas Supreme Court, Kobach just simply gave up and now ballots are being printed without a Democrat on them. They will be mailed to overseas voters this weekend, closing the door on any chance of getting Democrats to split the anti-Roberts vote.

The race is official now, Greg Orman (I) vs Sen Pat Roberts (R). No political expert saw this race coming nor ever would of dreamed that Kansas would be a competitive race this year. Orman is only the third credible independent candidate of this decade, the other two are Bernie Sanders and Angus King, both are now U.S Senators.


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