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5PM: Polls are now closed.
5:08: “There were 4,285,323 people registered to vote – that is about 97% of the possible electorate.”
5:28: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg: “The people of Scotland have cast their votes. I sincerely hope that they remain a part of our family of nations. #indyref” via Twitter
5:35: YouGov final poll says Yes 46% No 54%
6:06: “All voting papers have now arrived at Alloa Town Hall. On schedule for an early declaration here.”
7:18: Lib Dem MSP for Shetland, Tavish Scott, told the BBC: “The sheer weight of the vote is at a scale that none of us who have stood at elections over a number of years have ever seen before.
7:18: Insane high voter turnout, looks to be no lower than 80% in any of the 32 councils
7:21: Official figures from Clackmannanshire put the turnout at 89%. Still no raw votes. The counting is much slower than it is on election night in America.
7:22: Total turnout suppose to be 87.09% at the moment.
7:24: Clackmannanshire: “No campaigners say the result may be better than they’d hoped. A Yes vote had been widely expected here.”
7:33: The noise from the Yes campaign is sounding pretty gloomy at the moment. NO campaign is fired up.
7:41: BBC reporting that Glasgow could be 54% yes, 46% no. Not nearly what the Yes campaign was hoping for.
8:27: Vote tally to start coming in shortly
8:28: Counting in Dundee suspended due to fire alarm
8:29: Dundee turnout is 79%, with 93,558 votes cast.
8:30: RESULT: Clackmannanshire. Yes: 16350 No: 19036

9:08 ORKNEY RESULT – No wins by 10,004 to 4,883, or 67% to 33%.
11:23: No leads 53.18% to 46.82%
11:24: 11 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities have now declared their results. Of these, nine have voted “No” and two “Yes”


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