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SEN-NC: North Carolina is a Must Win for Democrats

Good news for team blue today in two new polls which shows Senator Kay Hagan (D) extending her lead over challenger Thom Tillis in the race for U.S Senate in North Carolina.

American Insights poll finds Sen. Hagan ahead, 43% to 34%. A nine point lead and the largest lead either candidate has had so far in this contest.

Elon University poll finds Sen. Hagan in a closer race with a four point lead over Mr. Tillis, 45% to 41%.

North Carolina, Michigan and New Hampshire are all must win states. If these remain in the firewall Dems would only need to win one of the following states, Iowa, Arkansas, Alaska or Louisiana. Iowa and Alaska are the two best bets but it isn’t far fetch if they hold three of the four endangered seats.


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