GOV-IL: Governor Quinn (D) Shows How Democrats Can Beat GOP

All summer Governor Quinn (D) looked like a dead man in a pretty liberal state. The Quinn campaign then did something that surprisingly many Democrats this election cycle have either not done at all or not done at all, link his opponent, Bruce Rauner (R) to the Koch Brothers and made out Rauner to be a heartless politician when it came to social issues and welfare. It didn’t help Rauner when it came out that he has offshore money in multiple banks and now Governor Quinn can use the playbook Obama did on Romney, beat him down as a tax dodger that is too extreme. The plan seemly is working.

A new Chicago Tribune poll finds that Governor Quinn (D) has a huge lead over Bruce Rauner (R), 48% to 37%. This is only the second poll to show Quinn ahead but both have been released after labor day, if another poll can confirm this then indeed Illinois is coming back home to the Democrats and will be a safe blue state come election night. Senator Kirk (R), up for re-election in 2016, can’t be liking these numbers in Illinois, he’ll start the day after the 2014 election as the most endangered GOP incumbent.