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Female Soldiers invited to apply for Ranger School

New news released by Army Times has indicated that they are searching for female volunteers in the Army to go to Ranger school. Army officials are curious to see if their female soldiers are capable to join the front lines as infantry or other positions that are required by the Army Rangers. Now they are required to attend the National Guard Ranger Training and Assessment Course before starting Ranger School Classes. The courses are to begin in the spring of 2015 and if the female soldiers do earn the Ranger Tab that doesn’t exactly mean they are able to go into a combat arms MOS but it will be under review to see if they will be in the future. The requirements for ranger school will not change with the addition to Female Soldiers. They will be observed and go through review boards as they complete tasks such as the APFT, Land Nav, a combat water survival assessment, an operations order test, as 12-mile road march with a 35-pound ruck, according to the Army.


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