Politics On The Fly ~ September 12, 2014

Good afternoon everybody!

Pew Research: A new survey conducted by Pew Research finds that Republican voters are 15% more likely than Democrats to be thinking about the 2014 election. Republicans have a 12% lead when it came to more likely to say they will definitely will vote come election day. GOP voters in the end are more enthusiastic about voting which shouldn’t come as a shock just like how Democrats were more enthusiastic in 2006 and 2008.

Canada – Toronto Mayoral Race: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has ended his re-election bid after a tumor was found in his abdomen. His brother, Councillor Doug Ford will replace him in the mayoral race the Toronto Star is reporting.

GOV-GA: A new Atlanta Journal Constitution poll in Georgia finds the race for Governor to be a real barn burner with Governor Nathan Deal (R) with just a one point lead over Jason Carter (D), 43% to 42%.

SEN-GA: The same survey finds that in the race for U.S Senate, David Perdue (R) holds a bigger lead of four points over Michelle Nunn (D), 45% to 41%.

Iowa: Former President Bill Clinto will be attending Sen. Tom Harkin’s 37th political steak fry. Hillary Clinton will also attend this event and it will be the first time she has been to the event since losing the Iowa primary in 2008 to then Senator Obama. If you don’t know anything about Iowa just know this, Tom Harkin’s political steak fry is the biggest political event besides the caucus every four year.

SEN-CO: A new Denver Post poll in Colorado finds Senator Mark Udall (D) leading Cory Gardner (R) by four points, 46% to 42%. This is a disappointment to the GOP as they were hoping Cory Gardner could make this race a dead heat.

Abortion: Missouri has enacted one of the longest waiting periods in the country to women seeking abortion in the state. The Republican-controlled Missouri legislature overrode a veto by Democratic Governor Jay Nixon. The wait will go from 24 hours to 72 hours.

SEN-KS: Kansas Supreme Court said that it will hear the Senate Ballot dispute. Chad Taylor, the former Democratic Party’s U.S Senate candidate has filed a lawsuit seeking to be removed from the ballot. The outcome of the case could affect the balance of the U.S Senate.

SEN-NC: Two new polls out in North Carolina. Civtas poll finds that Senator Kay Hagan (D) leads Thom Tillis (R) by three points, 46% to 43%.

Rasmussen survey finds Senator Hagan with a six point lead, 45% to 39%.

Good news for Democrats who need Michigan, Alaska, New Hampshire and North Carolina to be a firewall. If the Democrats can hold these and pull away the Dems could then focus on Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa and Louisiana.

SEN-NH: Global Strategy has a new survey out in New Hampshire that finds Senator Jeann Shaheen (D) with a widening lead over Scott Brown (R), 48% to 41%.

NFL Pick’em Week II: My picks for week 2. Record right now is 9-8.
ATL VS. CIN: Bengals
ARI VS. NYG: Cardinals
NYJ VS. GB: Packers
CHI VS. SF: 49ers
MIA VS. BUF: Dolphins
DET VS. CAR: Lions
NO VS. CLE: Saints
NE VS. MIN: Pats
DAL VS. TEN: Titans
SEA VS. SD: Seahawks
STL VS. TB: Rams
KC VS. DEN: Broncos
HOU VS. OAK: Texans
PHI VS. IND: Colts

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