2016 Presidential Race

Obama 2016?

Chicago Sun-Times is out with an interesting story on Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) new fundraising email which has him suggesting to possible GOP donors that first lady Michelle Obama might run against him in 2016. So far Michelle Obama has expressed no interest in elected office and there is no clear indication that the Obamas are going to move back to Illinois once they leave the White House in January 2017. First lady Michelle Obama would be a strong candidate and could easily win the Illinois Democratic Party nomination to face Mark Kirk (R-IL). Mark Kirk is one of the most endangered incumbents in the Senate facing reelection in 2016, if the Dems pick a good candidate this race will easily begin next year as a toss-up. Illinois is a blue state and if Clinton runs for President it will probably easyily be enough to pull the Dem U.S Senate candidate to victory.

If Michelle Obama doesn’t run which is likely and the Democrats experience a crowded primary and in-fighting then Kirk could easily win re-election. His favorability in the state is not terrible for a Republican. What do you think, will Michelle Obama run or no?