GOV-OH: The Amazing Collapse of Ed FitzGerald

Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll for the Ohio governor race. It confirms the bad news for democrats that the Akron poll dropped yesterday, Ed FitzGerald’s campaign has collapsed in a very epic way. The poll finds incumbent Gov. John Kasich (R) with a twenty point lead over Mr. FitzGerald (D), 50% to 30%. John Kasich easy victory this year will no doubt spark 2016 talks and will help propel him into a presidential campaign if he is interested because this beat down and winning statewide in the purple state of Ohio will give him creditability and he can brag about being able to win in Ohio, something that most GOP candidates won’t be able to say.

Ed FitzGerald campaign wasn’t very stellar, he is almost nonexistence in southern Ohio and the whole weird story involving him in a car with another woman even though he hasn’t had a drivers license in over a decade is what really did him in. Ohio Dems are left waiting for 2018.