Democrats are Starting to Pull Away in Michigan

Suffolk University Poll is out with a new survey that shows rare good news for Democrats, they are slowly pulling away in Michigan U.S Senate and Governors race. In the U.S Senate race the poll finds Gary Peters (D) ahead of Terri Lynn Land (R) by nine points, 46% to 37%. Gary Peters is fighting to hold this seat for the Democrats and is part of the Democrats firewall on election night. Democrats have been very successful linking candidate Terri Lynn Land to the Koch Brothers and it has flipped his favorability ratings upside-down. Another good sign is that independents are starting to break for Gary Peters in a state that is traditionally blue.

When looking at the governor race it is a much tighter contest and would represent a gain for the Democrats if they can win on election night. Mark Schauer (D) is leading Governor Rick Snyder (R) by two points, 45% to 43%.