SEN-KS: Orman Leads

If you are wondering why the Kansas GOP is fighting hard to keep the Democratic candidate on the ballot for U.S Senate then this new poll should answer that question.

A new SurveyUSA poll conducted in Kansas after Chad Taylor (D) bowed out of the race finds that independent candidate Greg Orman is leading Senator Pat Roberts by one point, 37% to 36%.

Chad Taylor (D) in the poll is right now taking 10% of what would likely be Orman votes so this race will remain close of the GOP can keep Taylor on the ballot but that might not be enough. People in Kansas are tired of Pat Roberts. He has only been in the state 8 days this year and his campaign manager didn’t help when he stated that Pat Roberts was “back home resting”. The only problem is that “home” he is resting at is in Virginia.

Pat Roberts doesn’t represent Kansas. He is only a little more Kansas than I am at this point and I have never even been to Kansas.