10 Days of Work

Lawmakers came back over the weekend for the start of a very short session of Congress, this will be the final session before election day unless a crisis were to happen. Don’t expect much as both parties play if safe and the votes this week will be aimed at defining both political parties and all elected officials will find the votes they cast this week on poorly made 30 second political attack ads.

The media hasn’t reported on it much but there is another threat of a government shutdown. A shutdown is unlikely to happen because it clearly hurt the GOP last November in races such as the Virginia governor race (then again they had a flawed and very unlikeable candidate). The GOP will likely play it safe and vote to fund the government until December. It is clearly becoming obvious that if the GOP wins control of Congress then we will be living the next two years under constant threat of a government shutdown. If you need a passport or anything that involves government agencies I would suggest you get them now.

The real question is will House Republicans send the Senate controlled by Democrats a clean bill that only purpose is to fund the government or will they try to add controversial items into the bill which will give the Senate democrats no choice but to not pass the bill? Both parties will be toeing the line and will likely play it safe and avoid damaging themselves.


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