Election Polls Recap

SEN-KY: A new NBC/Marist poll in Kentucky has Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) with an eight point lead over challenger Alison Grimes (D), 47% to 39%

SEN-AR: A new NBC/Marist poll in Arkansas finds Tom Cotton (R) with a five point lead over Senator Mark Pryor (D), 45% to 40%.

SEN-CO: A new NBC/Marist in Colorado has Senator Mark Udall (D) leading Cory Gardner (R) by six points, 48% to 42%. The rare poll that shows good news for Democrats this update.

SEN-AR: Another new poll by CNN/ORC International Poll has Tom Cotton (R) leading Sen. Mark Pryor by a smaller margin than the NBC/Marist poll, 49% to 47%.

SEN-LA: A new Rasmussen poll in Louisiana finds Bill Cassidy (R) leading Sen. Mary Landrieu (D), 44% to 41%.

GOV-IL: A new We Ask America poll in Illinois finds Bruce Rauner (R) ahead of Governor Pat Quinn (D), 46% to 37%. The Libertarian candidate, Chad Grimm has 7%.

GOV-CA: A new Field Poll in California has Governor Jerry Brown (D) sailing toward reelection with a huge lead over Neel Kashkari (R), 50% to 34%