Politics On The Fly ~ September 4, 2014

Virginia: Former Governor Bob McDonnell (R) today was found guilty on eleven charges of corruption. He made history by becoming the first Virginia governor to ever be charged with a felony. It is a huge fall from grace for a politician that back in 2009 took the governor seat from the democrats and his slogan “Bob For Jobs” became nationally known. He was also a potential GOP presidential nominee but his career is now history.

SEN-KS: Chad Taylor (D) withdraw from the U.S Senate race sent political shock waves that was felt all the way to Washington D.C. There is now some questions as to wither his reason for withdrawing from the race is enough reason to take him off the ballot. The GOP will no doubt fight to keep Mr. Taylor on the ballot and this will easily end up in court.

Gay Marriage: After a losing streak of three, gay rights in America won two big victories today in Indiana and Wisconsin as the courts ruled that both gay marriage bans are unconstitutional.

Ohio: The Ohio GOP famously tried earlier this year to curtail early voting hours on weekends and ban early voting conducted after 5 P.M. They claimed this had nothing to do with trying to curb the amount of democratic early votes but anyone with a brain can easily see that they are trying to prevent union workers and other lower wage voters (both tend to vote democratic) from early voting because most do not get out until after 5 P.M and almost all will have to vote election day. Banning weekend voting pretty much limits the chances the working class has to vote. Thankfully the court ruled that Ohio must expand early voting. A victory not for democrats but for democracy itself, no one should run out of time to vote or not be able to find time to vote.