BREAKING: Democrat Drops Senate Bid in Kansas

A political earthquake happened in Kansas tonight and the aftermath might be huge. A day after democrats in Alaska teamed up with an Independent candidate in hopes that together they can beat the republican incumbent Governor another democrat has dropped out and it is bad news for Senator Pat Roberts (R).

The democratic candidate, Chad Taylor (D), in Kansas had only $1,500 in the bank, yes you read that right, only $1,500 in the campaign war chest. By Taylor dropping out of the race on Wednesday it opened the door for serious independent candidate Greg Orman to have a chance at beating Senator Roberts (R) head-on in November. This is a safe republican seat that might turn independent and could just maybe keep the republicans from winning control of the U.S Senate.

Senator Pat Roberts approval rating is under 30% and he is polling terrible. Now that the democratic and independent vote won’t be split in half, the anti-Roberts vote is enough to see Senator Pat Roberts sent packing after nearly 30 years in Washington.

Currently it is not known which party Orman would caucus with if he would win in November. He will likely not forget what the democrats in Kansas did for him by allowing him to target liberal voters in the state.

Orman was just recently endorsed by 80 former and current republican officials, Orman has wide appeal from liberals, moderates and conservatives. This race just got interesting.


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