GOV & SEN-GA: Not Over Yet

During the long GOP primary battle in Georgia which democratic candidate Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn (D), enjoyed a wide lead over both GOP contenders. Once David Purdue won the GOP primary in late July it seemed that the GOP was reunited and Nunn slowly would fall into political oblivion and the republicans would easily win in this still pretty reliable red state. A new WRBL/Ledger-Enquirer/PMB poll in Georgia has good news for liberals though as it finds Michelle Nunn (D) with a small lead over David Perdue (R), 45% to 43%.

They also polled the governor race which finds Governor Nathan Deal (R) with a two point lead over Jason Carter (D), 44% to 42%. This comes as good news for democrats as they fight to place Georgia and Kentucky in play. Democrats are given a hard map because there are so many blue seats over red seats which leaves the DNC and other democratic organizations playing defense while the GOP plays offense. Kentucky and Georgia represents the ONLY possible pickups the democrats could achieve on election night. If the Kansas Democrats chapter can get the democrat out of the race and throw their support to an independent candidate, then Senator Pat Roberts (R) could be a third seat the GOP could lose but we don’t enough how the independent candidate would caucus in Congress as he could join the GOP side of the U.S Senate and the power structure would remain the same in Congress even with an independent.

In the end the democrats got a chance in Georgia to defeat the Perdue brothers because of stellar recruiting. Georgia state democrats and Washington D.C democratic operatives were able to recruit the two biggest liberal names in the state, Nunn and Carter. The DNC will likely spend a bunch of money in both races if more polls shows this race is indeed competitive.