GOV-MA: D’OH! Massachusetts Democrats Fail (AGAIN)

Martha Coakley (D) is just not a great campaigner and/or just a very unlikeable liberal in a deep blue state. A new Boston Globe poll in Massachusetts finds Charlie Baker (R) has taken a one point lead over Martha Coakley, 38% to 37%. One has to ask why Massachusetts Democrats gave Coakley a second chance after she badly lost former Senator Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to Republican Scott Brown in 2009. Coakley famously dissed the Boston Red Soxs a few days before the election….in Boston (great move had she been running for mayor of New York City). Democrats hold the Governor seat, both U.S Senate seats and all CDs in Massachusetts, they have an insane deep bench and that isn’t even including all the mayorships they control throughout the state. Why they decided to recycle a terrible candidate over a fresh new face is beyond me. Democrats might once again lose a safe seat thanks to the stupidity of Martha Coakley.