GOV-MI: Good News For Democrats

The United States House of Representatives will stay in GOP hands after November, the U.S Senate is a coin flip to who wins control but one story that isn’t being reported by the media is the fact that Democrats could win a majority of Governor seats back this fall from the Republicans. With Republican incumbent Governors in trouble in states like Maine, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, there is more than enough states to win a majority of GOV races.

A new poll in Michigan via EPIC-MRA poll finds that Mark Schauer (D) has the edge over Governor Rick Snyder (R) along likely voters by two points. After Governor Rick Snyder led in most polls over the summer it seems the race has tightened greatly and Schauer is running in a blue state and against an unpopular Republican governor.

This will no doubt be an interesting race to follow and an important one for both parties.