GOV-KS: Even Brownback’s Poll Shows Major Issues

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and former U.S Senator from the state is in a surprising battle for re-election. A new internal poll paid for by the Brownback campaign shows that the trouble is in fact real and grave because it finds the incumbent Republican winning against Democratic challenger Paul Davis by just one percent.

Brownback 43% Davis 42%

Brownback major issue right now is that he is bleeding support from his own base. If Republicans show up and reluctantly vote for him he’ll serve a second term. The fear is that some Republicans might cross over and vote for the Democrat who has been endorsed by many high ranking GOP officials. To make matters even worse, Senator Pat Roberts (R) is currently in a close race also.

This isn’t a trend toward Kansas going blue but it could be the start of Kansas trending more moderate during non-presidential elections. Right now one thing is clear, Kansas doesn’t like the current people in power which are all from one party, the GOP.